Use Your Refrigerator Effectively- Follow These Tips


If you need to turn the power to your refrigerator On or Off, you must remove the top grille assembly to access the power switch. Turn the power to the refrigerator Off when cleaning your refrigerator or changing light bulbs.

To Remove Top Grille:

  1. Grasp both ends of the top grille.
  2. Push the top grille straight up, then pull straight out. Lay the grille on a soft surface.

To Replace Top Grille:

  1. Insert top grille hooks (located on the back of the top grille) onto mounting bolts on the side trim.
  2. Pull grille down slightly to lock into place.

Turn Power On or Off:

  1. Remove top grille.
  2. Press power switch to the On or Off position.
  3. Replace top grille.

NOTE: Be sure the power switch is set to the On position after cleaning refrigerator or changing light bulbs.

Water Pressure
A cold water supply with water pressure between 30 and 120 psi (207 and 827 kpa) is required to operate the water dispenser and ice maker.

Using the Controls:

  • The refrigerator control adjusts the refrigerator compartment temperature. The freezer control adjusts the freezer compartment temperature.
  • Wait 24 hours after you turn on the refrigerator before you put food into it. If you add food before the refrigerator has cooled completely, your food may spoil.


  • Adjusting the refrigerator and freezer controls to a lower (colder) setting will not cool the compartments any faster.
  • If the temperature is too warm or too cold in the refrigerator or freezer, first check the air vents to be sure they are not blocked before adjusting the controls.
  • The preset settings should be correct for normal household usage. The controls are set correctly when milk or juice is as cold as you like and when ice cream is firm.
  • The actual temperature may differ from the display when a door is open for an extended period of time.

NOTE: The factory recommended set points are 0°F (-18°C) for the freezer and 37°F (3°C) for the refrigerator.

Adjusting Controls
NOTE: Wait at least 24 hours between adjustments. Recheck the temperatures before other adjustments are made.

To Adjust Set Point Temperatures:
Press the refrigerator or freezer PLUS (+) or MINUS (-) touch pad until the desired temperature is reached Press the “Set to Recommended” touch pad to reset the set points to the factory recommended temperatures.

NOTE: The set point range for the freezer is -5°F to 5°F (-21°C to -15°C). The set point range for the refrigerator is 33°F to 45°F (0°C to 7°C).

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