Troubleshooting for Refrigerators


Hey, are you having issues with your refrigerators? Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you.

1.    Problem:- If your freezer control and lights are on, but compressor is not operating.
Reason: – Main Control Board (motherboard) is not distributing proper voltage to the compressor or the refrigerator is in defrost mode.

Solution: – Check the voltage going to the compressor. The compressor and the condenser fan next to the compressor, both start at the same time. If the condenser fan runs properly, the compressor should work too.

2.    Problem: -In case your refrigerator does not operate.
Reason: –  This can be the case if the control settings of your refrigerator are too low.

Solution: – You can modify the control settings and examine the refrigerator. Check the outlet and breaker. If it still does not operate, check the plug, there are chances that your refrigerator is not plugged in correctly.

3.    Problem: -At times if the food temperature is too cold.
Reason: –  It is because the control is not on or the temperature settings are not correct or the food is too close to the air inlet.

Solution: – Make sure that you put on the control and then check if the temperature gets appropriate. Also check the thermostat monitors to find out if there is some problem with the refrigerator thermometer. Try relocating the food if it is near the air inlet.

4.    Problem: – When the food temperature is too warm and power outage has occurred.
Reason: – This can happen because of the following reasons

  1. The fuse is blown.
  2. Circuit breaker needs to be reset
  3. The condenser coils are dirty.
  4. Rear Air Grille is blocked.
  5. Door is being opened frequently or for a long time

Solution: – Change the fuse and try to reset the circuit breaker. If the temperature does not get normal, opt for expert assistance. Reset the circuit breaker. Clean the condenser coils. Unblock the rear grille and avoid opening the refrigerator door many times or for long.
5.    Problem: – If your refrigerator has an odor.
Reason: – The reason for this can be malfunctioning of the refrigerator, or dirty interiors of the fridge.

Solution: –  There are various reasons for malfunctioning of the refrigerator such as Compressor motor issue, Refrigerant leakage, over stuffing, etc. the best thing you can in case of refrigerator odor is to clean the refrigerator thoroughly.
Follow the steps given below.

  1. Turn off the refrigerator and unplug it.
  2. Remove all the items from your fridge
  3. Place any food you choose to keep in a cooler while you work.
  4. Make a mixture of baking soda and warm water (you can also use other cleaning products).
  5. Take out all shelves, bins and any other removable parts.
  6. Clean the drip tray and other parts.

Note: – you can also use natural odor removers such as Baking Soda, Vinegar, Coffee grounds, Charcoal, and oats. They work as excellent odor absorbers. All you need to do is empty your fridge, wipe it clean, and place any above mentioned odor absorber in the refrigerator for an hour or two.

6.    Problem: -Water droplets form on outside of refrigerator.
Reason: – Condenser coils are dirty. Refrigerator or freezer controls are set too high. Door gaskets are not sealed properly. Humidity level is high.

Solution: – When cleaning the condenser coils, follow the steps given below:

  1. Unplug your fridge or turn the power off at the breaker.
  2. Locate the fridges condenser coils or fan.
  3. Remove the grate in front of the coils or fan.
  4. Scrub the protective grate and gently clean the coils and/or fan.
  5. Clean up.
  6. Replace the protective grate and move the fridge back into place.

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