Is Your Refrigerator Warm and Freezer Cold? Here Are the Possible Causes.


Most of us are aware of the moment when you open the refrigerator feeling a slightly smelly and strangely warm blast of air instead of refreshing cool air blowing on your face. Off course, nothing can be worse than a defective refrigerator. There are various reasons why your refrigerator is warm whereas the freezer is frozen.

  • The evaporator coils can be frosted over
    Normally, the defrost heater turns on a couple of times through the day in order to melt off ice or frost that is built on these coils. But, in case the heater is not functioning correctly, the coils can get frosted over. In such conditions, your freezer stays cold but the refrigerator becomes warm because of the lack of chilled airflow. Ensure that you test each and every part of the defrosting system.
  • The evaporator fan motor is dysfunctional
    The cold air coming from the coil is pushed to the next section of the unit by an evaporator fan motor. You can rotate the fan using your hands and check if it is functioning properly. Replace the motor if you find it stuck or if it is unusually noisy.
  • Check the damper control assembly
    The damper control is a part that opens and closes to let an appropriate amount of chilled air into the refrigerator part. If this part does not function correctly, it will not allow adequate amount of air to get into the refrigerator. Check to find out if it is damaged or simply stuck closed.
  • Tips to avoid frost:
    Try not to block the fan or airflow inside the freezer. Stuffing your freezer can cause blocking of the airflow. As a result, your freezer can frost up and the refrigerator will get warm.

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