Operating the Range Oven


If you are finding it difficult to operate your range oven conveniently, here is a guide that covers all the essential points you need to know when operating your range oven
Control Panel
The control panel is designed for ease in programming. The display window on the control shows time of day, timer and oven functions.
Pilotless Ignition
With this type of ignition system, the gas automatically shuts off and the oven will not operate during a power failure. A lighted match will not light the oven burner. No attempt should be made to operate the oven during a power failure.


The clock can be set to display time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. The clock is set at the factory for the 12-hour format.

To change the clock to 24-hour format:
1. Press and hold the upper CANCEL pad and Favorite pad for three seconds. 12 hr flashes in the display.
2. Press the ‘Auto set’ pad to select 24 hr. Press again to select 12 hr.
3. Set the time of day accordingly.

When electrical power is supplied or after a power interruption, the last clock time before power was interrupted will flash. To recall the time of day when another time function is showing, press the Clock pad

Using the Touchpads

  • Press the desired pad.
  • Press the number pads to enter time or temperature.
  • Or, press the Auto-set pad to enter temperature.
  • A beep will sound when any pad is touched.
  • A double beep will sound if a programming error occurs.

Important: Four seconds after entering the time or temperature it will automatically be entered. If more than 30 seconds elapse between touching a function pad and the number pads, the function will be canceled and the display will return to the previous display.

To Cancel the Clock display:

If you do not want the time of day to display:
Press and hold the upper CANCEL and Clock pads for three seconds. The time of day
will disappear from the display.

To Restore the Clock display:

Press and hold the upper CANCEL and Clock pads for three seconds. The time of day will reappear in the display

Locking the Control and Oven Doors.
The touchpad and oven doors can be locked for safety, cleaning, or to prevent unwanted use. The touchpads will not function when locked. If the oven is currently in use, the touchpads and doors
cannot be locked. The current time of day will remain in the display when the touchpads and doors are locked.

Important: The touchpads and oven doors cannot be locked if the oven temperature is 400° F or above.

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