Installing Your Refrigerator Will Become Easy with This Guide


Installing a refrigerator might not be a big deal, but there are certain essential points that cannot be overlooked. Below are some tips that will help you install your refrigerator appropriately.
Measuring the Opening:
When installing your refrigerator, measure carefully. 1/2 inch of air space should be provided for the top and back of the refrigerator.


Trim corners of countertop to a 45°angle if countertop has 25 mm overhang. Provide 5 mm clearance on both sides of refrigerator, and allow 7mm on top for ease of installation and leveling. No minimum clearance is required at the rear of the cabinet.

Subflooring or floor coverings (i.e. carpet, tile, wood floors, rugs) may make your opening smaller than anticipated. Some clearance may be gained by using the leveling
procedure under leveling.

Important: If refrigerator is to be installed into a recess where the top of the refrigerator is completely covered, use dimensions from floor to top of hinge cap to verify proper clearance.

Transporting Your Refrigerator:

  • Never transport refrigerator on its side. If an upright position is not possible, lay refrigerator on its back. Allow refrigerator to sit upright for approximately 30minutes before plugging it in to
    assure oil returns to the compressor. Plugging the refrigerator in immediately may cause damage to internal parts.
  • Use an appliance dolly when moving refrigerator. Always Struck refrigerator from its side or
    back–Never from its front.
  • Protect outside finish of refrigerator during transport by wrapping cabinet in blankets or inserting padding between the refrigerator and dolly.
  • Secure refrigerator to dolly firmly with straps or bungee cords. Thread straps through handles when possible. Do not over-tighten. Over-tightening restraints may dent or damage outside finish.


  • Do not install refrigerator near oven, radiator or other heat sources. If not possible, shield refrigerator with cabinet material.
  • Do not install where temperature falls below 13°C or rises above 95°C. Malfunction may occur at this temperature.
  • Refrigerator is designed for indoor household application only.

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