Caring And Cleaning Instructions For Your Refrigerators


Refrigerator happens to be an important appliance in every household. Though it might sound tiring to clean your refrigerator, there are some simple steps you can execute to ensure that your refrigerator is well maintained. Following are some helpful points you can work on while cleaning the refrigerator.

Removing Odors from The Refrigerator :

1. Remove all food and turn the refrigerator OFF.
2. Disconnect power to the refrigerator.
3. Clean the walls, floor, ceiling of cabinet interior, drawers, shelves and gaskets.
4. Dilute mild detergent and brush solution into gaps using a plastic bristle brush. Let stand for five minutes. Rinse surfaces with warm water. Dry surfaces with a soft, clean cloth.
5. Wash and dry all bottles, containers and jars. Discard spoiled or expired items.
6. Wrap or store odor-causing foods in tightly sealed containers to prevent recurring odors.
7. Reconnect power to refrigerator, put the refrigerator on and return food to the refrigerator.
8. Allow the refrigerator to cool.
9. After 24 hours, check if odor has been eliminated.

If odor is still present:

1. Remove drawers and place on top shelf of refrigerator.
2. Use baking soda. To get rid of odors, spread a box of baking soda across a baking sheet and place in the refrigerator. Keep the door closed until the smell disappears, then discard the baking soda.
3. To try to counteract everyday odors, keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge at all times.

Energy Saving Tips:

1. Avoid overcrowding refrigerator shelves. This reduces air circulation around food and causes refrigerator to run longer.
2. Avoid adding too much warm food to refrigerator at one time. This overloads compartments and slows rate of cooling.
3. Do not use aluminum foil, wax paper, or paper toweling as shelf liners. This decreases air flow and causes refrigerator to run less efficiently.
4. A freezer that is two-thirds full runs most efficiently.
5. Locate refrigerator in coolest part of room. Avoid areas of direct sunlight, or near heating ducts, registers or other heat producing appliances. If this is not possible, isolate exterior by using a section of cabinet.
6. Clean door gaskets every three months according to cleaning instructions. This will assure that door seals properly and refrigerator runs efficiently.
7. Take time to organize items in refrigerator to reduce time that door is open.
8. Be sure your doors are closing securely by leveling refrigerator.
9. Clean condenser coils every three months. This will increase energy efficiency and cooling performance.

Replacing Light Bulbs:

1. Fresh Food Section (style of light shield varies) Slide.
2. clear light shield toward back of compartment to release from light assembly.
3. Remove light bulbs.
4. Replace with appliance bulbs no greater than 40 watts.
5. Replace light shield by aligning edge of shield with control housing. Slide shield toward front of refrigerator until it locks into place on ‘T’ shape locking tab. Do not force shield beyond locking point. Doing so may damage light shield.

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