How You can clean & maintain your Oven Like an Expert?



We better admit the fact that even the neatest and cleanest people among us usually skip cleaning the oven. Why is it so? Simply because it seems like a tiring chore, doesn’t it? we all are very well aware that self-cleaning button on the appliance doesn’t quite perform the trick. Doesn’t matter, we have gathered some extremely convenient oven cleaning tips so that you know to clean your oven like an expert. So let’s start…!!!

    • Before going any further, remove the racks so that they do not disturb you while you clean the oven. The racks might also need a good scrubbing.


    • To remove the food stains from your oven, take half cup of ammonia in a bowl and keep it in the oven overnight. You do not have to put on the oven. When following this method, preheat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and later place a bowl having ammonia in it and a pot of boiling water under the bowl. If you are not comfortable using ammonia, we have discovered a bunch of other tips and tricks you can try.


    • Muck between glass on the oven door and you are not able to clean it? you just need to remove a panel. Who knew?In case you do not wish to remove the panel, you can pull out the drawer, attach a cleaning cloth to a cloth hanger and use it through the slats amid the glass. We bet you did not have any idea about accessing the area amid the glass like this.


    • In order to spot clean your oven, you can use a paste made up of baking soda, dish soap, and water. Apply it on the appliance and let it sit for a while. Then wipe it off with a clean cloth.
      Let’s check out a similar mixture but with a little bit of lemon juice or lime and vinegar. Just let the mixture set for a couple of hours. You will have to do some scrubbing later on to get rid of tough spots.Keeping things simple is the easiest way. Hence you can use plain baking soda with water to clean your oven. This mixture works great especially if you clean the oven on regular basis. Let the mixture stay overnight on the oven. In the morning, spritz it with little bit of undiluted white vinegar. After few hours of sitting and fizzing, you can easily wipe the stains off. Using this procedure twice a year will keep your oven in an optimal state appearance wise.Coarse salt can be an excellent cleaning abrasive to scrub off gunky, sticky ovens. Club one of the above mentioned methods with a plastic scrapper, and you just discovered the best way to clean your oven door.


    • To get the grime and grease off your racks, you can use rubbing alcohol and eco sponge. If not this, you can also opt for sawn dishes and dryer sheets as they are very good a cutting grease from your oven racks.How will you clean the slats behind your oven door handle? It simple! Wrap a butter knife in a paper towel and clean the handle. That shall solve your problem.


    • While you can choose the cleaner you want for your oven, why not focus on the stovetop too? For class cook tops, you can sprinkle some baking soda on it and lay wet towel which is properly soaked in the mixture of water and dishwasher on the baking soda.  Your glass cooktop will look new and polished.If the cooktop has removable burner pans, take a plastic Ziploc bag with some ammonia and put those burner pans in it. wipe them clean the next day. You will have clean burner pans without even scrubbing them.



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